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1. If any member of the detachment shouts STOP, all other members are to hurl abuse at him.


2. A hangfire occurs when the gun does not fire immediately, but may fire shortly after activating the firing lever.


3. On the occurrence of a misfire on the WW1 18pdr, the No 3 is to operate the firing lever again.


4. On the occurrence of a misfire on the 25 pdr QF, all members of the detachment are required to throw themselves to the ground with some haste.


5. In 1914 British Tommies went to war wearing soft caps that offered no protection to the head from shrapnel and bullets. Helmets were not introduced for the majority of soldiers until the Battle of the Somme in 1916.


6. The Number 7 of a WW1 18pdr gun detachment is always in charge of opening and closing the doors of the limber.


7. On the WW2 25pdr, the detachment Number 4 operates the breech and rams the shell home.


8. If a misfire occurs on the WW2 25pdr, the Number 3 is to operate the firing lever again before anything else is done.


9. A Falcon is the name given by early artillery men to a gun that fired a 2 or 3 pound projectile.


10. A partial fire is when the whole blank charge does not fire immediately on activating the firing lever.


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