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The Poppy
by Kieran Bleasby

The poppy is a lonely flower
Although they grow as many
They blow in winds row on row 
As soldiers marched on row on row

It is a worldwide symbol of pain that we endure
Bright red shows blood that so many shed
The centre black as coal
It holds misery and darkness
As horrors now unfold

It marks a sad occasion of those who lost their lives
Spare a thought for those soldiers
In conflicts old and new
Two minutes seems so little 
In what they did for me and you

As a child I stand there
People say I don’t understand
But would the politicians hold my hand 
when they send my Mum to foreign lands

I stand here with my poppy
To which I’m very proud
Today I share my thanks to soldiers
The young ones and the old
And sometime in the future 
I’ll walk where they have been

So I give to you the poppy 
That you might share that cost
To all those brave soldiers
To which we now have lost


We are based at the Royal Armouries Museum at Fort Nelson, near Fareham in Hampshire.

The word “Ubique” means everywhere.

The Phrase “Right of the Line”  is derived from the recognition of the sterling work performed by gunners, in that in 1756 the Artillery was granted the privilege of taking the post of honour in forming the Right of the Line in all parades.